Take the tour and explore the benefits of presentation management for events.

TL;DR – Event presentation management with Preseria in a nutshell

Manage and gather event content and speakers’ presentation materials in our web app.

Download and sync slides and media to your presentation laptops and enable seamless presenter switches with our desktop app.

Preseria Presentation Management Software

Key Features



Build the presentation schedule manually or use the Excel import feature to auto-generate or update the schedule in seconds.



Schedule automatic reminders to be sent to speakers who haven’t uploaded files within a specific date or when the upload deadline is near.



Convert slides to PDF with one click and publish high quality PDF versions of PowerPoint and Keynote presentations on your event website.



Create email templates and send personalized emails to speakers, inviting them to upload presentation files for their scheduled time slots.



Prevent uploads after a certain time by adding an upload deadline for the event, or configure individual deadlines for specific sessions.



Organizers can download a zip file of all presentation files currently uploaded, or use the desktop app to sync files directly to their computers.



Track which emails that were successfully delivered and see who has opened their invitation to upload. Get notified if an email bounces.



Uploaded files are automatically checked for common errors, such broken links to (non-embedded) videos and missing fonts.



The Preseria desktop app lets you seamlessly display and switch between PowerPoints, PDFs & videos by different speakers.


Whether you’re hosting a large conference with multiple concurrent sessions or just a simple 1-day meeting, setting up the structure of your event is easy.

Enter the time, date and timezone of your event and import session details and speaker information using our Excel spreadsheet template – or add data manually.

Already have your conference structure in a CSV, XLSX or SQL file? No problem, let us know and we’ll help you get your schedule imported.


Invite or remind speakers to upload their presentation files using templates from the email template library. Create your own custom templates, with instructions tailored to your event, and add your event’s branding or logo.

Invited speakers receive an email with your instructions along with a unique link that let’s them upload files to their presentation slots.

Emails sent to speakers are delivered fast and reliably with detailed open and click tracking. If a mailbox cannot be reached you are immediately notified.

Upload and Check.

Speakers can access their presentation slots and upload files (typically PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or videos) by clicking on the link in their invitation or reminder emails. Our global edge network provides speakers and organizers with the best available upload and download speeds.

Speakers can update their presentation right up to the deadline (if set).

Once uploaded, the file will automatically be checked for errors such as missing non-standard fonts, broken links to non-embedded videos.

Download, Sync and Play.

Our app for Windows 10 will let you launch presentation files (currently PowerPoints, PDFs, Videos and Images) in full-screen onto your projector screen while showing a control panel on your primary screen. This enables you to seamlessly switch between presenters and their presentation files without the need for expensive video mixer equipment.

The app also comes in a simplified mode, often preferred by AV tech crews that want full control over the playback, that just downloads and synchronizes the uploaded presentation files. This mode is available for both Windows and macOS.

Both the Preseria web app and the desktop app works great with an on-site Speaker Ready Room as organizers and their tech crew can easily upload files on behalf of presenters.

What customers say about our event presentation management system:


“We host over 100 seminars annually and we use Preseria because it simplifies the role of the organizer and because it facilitates running the speaker presentations professionally.”

Egil Hollund
Stavanger Chamber of Commerce

“We use Preseria in many of our major congresses/events and we are very pleased. Preseria is an effective tool for collecting presentations. It simplifies this process significantly for us as a technical supplier and for our customers.”

Odd Uno Larsson
Konsertsystemer LLB AS