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Event Organizer
$249per month, billed annually
+ $500 per 100 extra presentations
  • Unlimited Events
  • 10 Users
  • 1000 Presentations (per year)
  • Unlimited Storage
CustomTailored solutions
billed annually
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Presentations
  • Unlimited Storage


A presentation is a time slot in your event schedule where you invite a presenter to upload their presentation file.

Our pricing scales with the number of presentations at your event. If you estimate that your event will have 200 presentations, which is 180 more than the 20 included, the cost for a Single Event license will be $500 + (18 * $50) = $1400.

The Event Organizer annual plan includes 1000 presentations each year that you can use across any number of events. On renewal, you start again with 1000 presentations.


A user is someone who has access to create and modify events. Event Organizer accounts can have multiple users creating and sharing access to events.

Every account has one admin user that can invite other users to the account.

Presenters are low privileged users with access only to their presentation slots.

Domain & Storage

The Single Event license gets a subdomain ( that is available up to 90 days before the event and 60 days after the event. Afterwards the domain and presentation files are automatically deleted.

Event Organizer license holders keep their subdomain ( for as long as their license is renewed. Presentation files from past events are archived, but never deleted.

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