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Consider the annual license if you are a PCO or AV Producer.

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Presenters can be invited one-by-one or in bulk, using the Excel import feature. One presenter email address = one presenter account. A presenter has one or more time slots in the schedule for which they must upload their presentation material using your event’s speaker upload portal (

If you end up needing more presenter accounts than what you ordered for your pricing plan you can buy bundles of 10 additional presenter accounts for $100.

Admin / Organizers

Admin and organizers can invite presenters, create sessions, upload files on behalf of presenters and perform other actions to configure the event.

The event admin can assign read-only access to specific organizers, such as technicians, who would only need access to download and synchronize presentation files.

Only the event admin can add other organizers. The event admin automatically has full access while organizers can be given access on a per-session basis.

Speaker Upload Portal & Storage

Each single event has its own unique URL ( that presenters use to upload files and organizers use to manage the event.

The site is available up to 90 days before the event and 60 days after the event, before expiring. When expired all data, including presentation files, the event schedule and speakers email addresses will be deleted.

Customers on the Annual Subscription plan keep their URL ( and data for as long as their license is renewed. Presentation files from past events are archived, but never automatically deleted.

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