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One Conference or More?

Are you planning a single conference or are you regularly coordinating conferences on behalf of your organization or clients?

  • Single Conference
  • 500$
    per event+
    5$per presenter
  • Organize 1 event
  • 5$ per presenter

    Ordered in batches of 10 presenters

  • Multi Conference
  • 2990$
    per year
    Includes 1000 presenters per year. 1 USD per extra presenter.
  • Organize unlimited events
  • 1000 presenters included
  • 1$ per extra presenter

    Ordered in batches of 100 presenters

Pricing Examples

Single Conference License:

You are planning a single event that is expecting about 250 oral presenters.
Your total price will be: 500$ + 250 * 5$ = 1.750$

Multi Conference License:

You are planning four events this year that each is expecting about 300 oral presenters.
Your total number of presenters across all events over the course of a year is about 1200.
Your price (for one year) will be 2.990$ + 200 * 1$ = 3.190$

If you choose to renew your Multi Conference license for another year, unused presenter invitations will be transferred over to the next year and another 1000 will automatically be added to your pool of invites.