Your Online Presentation Management Platform

for Conferences

Simplify collection, management, playback and distribution of presentation files at your events, large or small.

Invite your presenters to upload

Collecting presentations in Preseria is easy. First you set up your meeting or conference schedule (or import it from an Excel spreadsheet) and then you send out email invitations using a pre-defined or custom template.

Presenters receive a personalized email invitation in their inbox and click a unique link to log in and upload files to their scheduled presentation slots.

Once a file is uploaded, Preseria will check it for common errors and notify the presenter. A presenter can update their presentation as many times as they want until the deadline, if set by the organizer.

Manage the presentation schedule

You always have full control over your event’s sessions and presentations. Making changes to the schedule can be done with a few mouse clicks or by importing new data from a spreadsheet. You can invite co-hosts to help you manage the whole event or just specific sessions.

Preseria keeps track of each email sent to a presenter and lets you easily send reminder emails to those with missing files.

You may add upload deadlines to prevent presenters from making changes after a certain time. You can of course upload on a presenter’s behalf and make changes whenever you want.

Download, sync, play and distribute presentations

Downloading a ZIP archive of all the submitted presentations of your event is a one-click operation and can be done at any time.

Preseria comes with a desktop application that lets you download the presentations of your event. It also checks for updates and notifies you if there’s been changes to the presentation schedule or new files have been uploaded. Our Windows 10 app also lets you seamlessly switch between PowerPoints, PDFs and video files.

Preseria creates creates publish-friendly PDF versions of all uploaded PowerPoint and Keynote presentations for easy distribution of slides.