How to Manage Event and Conference Presentations

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Picture this: you have this big conference coming up in two weeks. You have the venue, the required staff, and an impressive lineup of speakers ready to present.

However, as days go by, you’re reminded of numerous potential hiccups that can alter the presentation experience.

While the fear of the technical equipment malfunctioning during the event is already haunting you, there’s also the worry of presentation compatibility issues and setup mishaps lingering at the back of your mind.

What if the presenters submit their slides in different formats or with embedded media that doesn’t play smoothly during the presentation? If a presenter cancels at the last minute, how would you fill the gap?

These are all valid concerns that should be addressed beforehand.

You need thorough planning, experienced staff, and dependable resources that can adapt to these unforeseen circumstances on the fly and help you deliver exceptional experiences.

This article will provide you with tips and best practices to manage your conferences better and avoid these hiccups on the big day!

Build a contingency plan

Despite planning everything in advance—from venue to speaker arrangements—it’s always a good idea to conduct thorough technical rehearsals to resolve any potential issues with AV equipment and internet connectivity. This also includes testing all the presentations to ensure seamless playback and transitions.

Yet, sometimes, the inevitable happens and you can’t do much about it. That’s when a contingency plan comes into play!

Consider different scenarios such as speaker cancellations, technical failures, or schedule disruptions, and assign backup solutions to each. This includes backup equipment, additional staff, and alternate presentation options

Set up the presentation in advance

Now, imagine it’s the presentation day and you have all the presentation materials stored in designated folders on the drive.

But then, a disaster strikes.

There’s a synchronization error with your drive that’s causing discrepancies between different versions of the same file—for example: changes made to files on one device are not properly updated across all linked devices.

As a result, the presenter may be accessing an outdated version of the file, which could impact his delivery.

Now, teleport back to the present and realize what you’re missing here.

A system that even accommodates any last-minute presentation changes and updates it with one click is what you need to avoid being in this dreaded situation.

You need a presentation management software like Preseria that helps you set up your presentation materials in the following ways:

  • You can send an invite to all the presenters to upload their files on a centralized platform
  • Once you receive all the presentation material, your job is to make sure everything is in order—from audio/video to formatting
  • You can schedule breaks and input what you want to play during those slots
  • Organize all the presenters according to the program schedule—you can accommodate any last-minute rescheduling requests from presenters and adjust their slot


conference presentation speech

Choosing the right conference management platform

Whether you’re planning a hybrid event or an in-person conference, accommodating the presentation data of hundreds of presenters and organizing it all effectively is no joke.

With a large number of presenters, keeping track of all presentation materials can be overwhelming. There can be inconsistencies in presentation file formats and style, which can be difficult to manage for multiple presenters.

When selecting a conference management platform, consider the following criteria:

  • Prioritize platforms that are easy to use and that both organizers and presenters can navigate through with ease. 
  • Make sure the platform has an invite-to-upload functionality that allows organizers to upload their presentation files.
  • Check whether the platform allows you to run the presentation files directly from your audience’s session room computers. This way, even if the session goes offline, the presentation flow isn’t disrupted by network issues.
  • Select platforms that prioritize data security and confidentiality by providing you granular control over user permissions to define who can view, edit, upload, and download presentation files.
  • Make sure the platform incorporates seamless playback of different file formats without having to switch between platforms.
  • It should offer a custom domain and white-labeling option for branding and maintaining a consistent and professional look and feel across all presentations.

Now, let’s say you sent a communication to all your 200 presenters asking them to upload their presentation files onto your Preseria site. The chances of having all the presenters upload their data as soon as they receive their invites are very slim.

Some might not have gotten the chance to do that due to their busy schedule and it might have slipped their mind. Imagine keeping track of all 200 presenters and checking who sent their data and who hasn’t!

A presentation management platform like Preseria allows you to schedule automatic reminders to be sent to speakers who haven’t uploaded files within a specific date or when the upload deadline is near. Yes, you can actually set deadlines for when they can upload their files and prevent uploads after a certain time to enforce strict upload rules and avoid any last-minute confusion.

Distributing presentation data

What happens once the presentation is over? Your audience might request to see the presenters’ slides for future reference, which you should be able to provide to enhance their experience, given that you’ve got the presenters’ permission.

That’s when your presentation management software should save you from cramming through hundreds of slide decks by automating conversion and publishing tasks for you.

For example, Preseria lets you convert PowerPoints and Keynote presentations into PDFs that you can download and publish to the web.

Running your conferences with Preseria

Preseria simplifies presentation management for you and allows you to run seamless conferences without worrying about the number of presenters.

You get two separate dashboards—one for organizers to set up their conference details and one for presenters to upload their presentation files.

Don’t worry about adjusting the format of every file you receive. Preseria allows you to seamlessly switch between different file formats—all from one program.

Schedule a demo today to see how Preseria can help you!

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