Event AV Sets Made Easy (+4 Creative Ideas You Can Use)

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Ever been to an event that just knocked your socks off? The kind where the audio and visuals were so on point that you couldn’t help but be swept away in the moment? 

That’s the magic of killer AV production. 

Whether it’s a gala dinner, a hype-filled product launch, or a networking conference, getting the audio and visuals right is like hitting the jackpot. It’s what sets the stage (pun intended) for an epic experience that’ll have people talking long after the event is over.

So, in this article, we’re gonna break down the basics of good AV set design. And because we’re feeling generous, we’ll throw in a few of our favorite ideas to spark your imagination and level up your event game.

The Basics of Event AV Sets

When it comes to event AV sets, nailing the basics is first and foremost. At its core, you need the right equipment for the job:

Audio Equipment

First, let’s talk about sound. You want your audience to hear every word, feel every beat, and get swept away by the music. To make that happen, you’ll need:

  • Microphones: Whether it’s wireless mics for roaming presenters, lapel mics for hands-free convenience, or traditional handheld mics for that classic feel, having a variety of microphones at your disposal ensures everyone’s voice is heard loud and clear.
  • Speakers: From sleek line arrays that pump out crystal-clear sound to beefy subwoofers that bring the bass, choosing the right speakers for your venue and audience size is crucial for creating an immersive audio experience.
  • Mixing Consoles and Signal Processors: These are vital for fine-tuning the audio mix, adjusting levels, and adding effects to make everything sound just right. Don’t skimp on these because they can make all the difference between your audio being muddled or crisp.

Visual Equipment

Then there’s the equipment you’ll need for the visuals. This could include:

  • Projectors: Opt for either laser, DLP, or LCD projectors because these are your ticket to larger-than-life visuals that’ll have your audience oohing and aahing. Just make sure you choose the right brightness and resolution for your venue.
  • LED Walls and Displays: Want to make a big statement? These versatile screens can be configured in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect centerpieces for building out your set design.
  • Projection Screens: Sometimes, you just need a good old-fashioned projection screen to get the job done. Whether it’s for slideshows, videos, or presentations, having a high-quality screen ensures that your visuals are crisp and clear.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting sets the mood, directs attention, and adds that extra wow factor to your event. Here’s what you’ll want in your lighting arsenal:

  • Stage Lighting Fixtures: Whether it’s powerful spotlights that put your performers in the spotlight or versatile wash lights that paint the stage in vibrant hues, a variety of lighting fixtures gives you the flexibility to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.
  • Lighting Control Consoles: Think of these as your command center for all things lighting. With a lighting control console, you can adjust colors and dim lights, and create custom lighting cues with just the push of a button, giving you total control over the visual vibe of your event.

The right mix of audio, visual, and lighting equipment is essential for creating event AV sets that leave a lasting impression on audiences.


futuristic av special effects for conferences

4 Creative Event AV Set Ideas You Can Use

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s go over some unique AV set ideas:

1. LED Displays with Dynamic Content

When it comes to turning heads at events, you can’t go wrong with LED displays for the backdrop and other installations. LED walls or screens that serve as dynamic canvases ready to stun your audience. 

Think moving patterns, mesmerizing abstract visuals, or slick branded animations that make jaws drop and eyes pop. And the best part? You can sync it all up with your event’s theme or mood changes throughout the program. 

Want to really blow minds? You can combine your LED screens to create a cube that becomes a centerpiece for displaying relevant visuals – be it product demos, branding, or other fun elements.

2. Leverage Holographic Technology

Ever dreamed of bringing the future to your event? Well, holographic displays are here to make that dream a reality. And they’ve come a long way since Tupac performed at Coachella.

Now, picture this for your event– a speaker is delivering a presentation. But instead of standing on a stage, they’re projected as a hologram, walking and talking as if they were there in the flesh. 

Or how about combining holographic technology with live performances? You could have dancers, singers, or actors appearing as holograms, adding a futuristic twist to your event that’ll leave everyone buzzing.

With holographic displays, the line between reality and imagination is blurred, giving you the flexibility to create awe-inspiring event sets.

3. Create a Themed Event

Inject some excitement into your gatherings by giving them a theme you can design your event set around.

Take, for example, an outdoor company releasing a new product. Instead of sticking to the usual conference room setup, why not bring the outdoors in? 

Use lighting in shades of greens, browns, and blues to mimic being outside. Set up displays featuring a jungle theme or something similar to showcase the product in its natural habitat. 

And don’t forget the ambient background noises like bird chirps or rustling leaves to make it even more immersive. All these elements will work together to create an unforgettable experience for the attendees.

4. Take AV Production to New Settings

Break free from tradition and take your AV production to new and exciting settings. You can do a beachfront conference, complete with the sound of waves crashing in the background and the salty sea breeze in the air. 

Or how about an outdoor presentation under the stars, with a stage illuminated by twinkling fairy lights?

By thinking outside the box and exploring unconventional event spaces, you open up new possibilities for using the world itself as your set. 

So don’t be afraid to shake things up. After all, the sky’s the limit when it comes to AV production in fresh and exciting settings.

Take Your Event AV Set Game to the Next Level!

Once you’ve got the basics of event AV set down, you can spread your wings to get a little more creative. These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

Regardless of the set, one thing’s for certain – you’ll need effective presentation management software to keep presenters and their content organized. 

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