– Customer Testimonials –

We’ve used Preseria for the past 2 editions of VivaTech to manage 400 pitch decks and we’re extremely happy with the solution as well as the service. We implemented the solution on all our Pitch Zones during the 3 days of VivaTech and it enabled us to save precious time.

Preseria has assisted us in managing speaker presentations at our last five TCCS conferences – 150 presentations and 400 attendees. Their software is effective, and their representatives are available when we need them and efficient in their operations – all to our great satisfaction.

We use Preseria in many of our major congresses/events and we are very pleased. Preseria is an effective tool for collecting presentations. It simplifies this process significantly for us as a technical supplier and for our customers.

Preseria made it possible to handle 750 presentations over four days without any problems. Due to a well-made interface, stability and a seamless design we made the congress run perfectly. Thanks for a brilliant software!

We host over 100 seminars annually and we use Preseria because it simplifies the role of the organizer and because it facilitates running the speaker presentations professionally.

Preseria ensured a professional and problem-free execution of the conference. Thanks to their system we experienced no unnecessary technical interruptions and we finished right on schedule. We are very satisfied with their presentation system and the graphical design they made for the conference.

This is the fourth year in a row that we’ve used Preseria and Preseria’s technical staff to ensure that the presentations at NOKIOS were executed without problems and in a seamless and professional manner. We are very satisfied with Preseria and the Preseria’s techical assistance before and during the conference.