This is a tool for AV-technicians. It will enable you to log in to your account, download the presentations for your event and be notified of any updates.

The windows version also offers a presenter view.

Download Preseria Conference Downloader/Player for Windows:

> Windows Installer

Download Preseria Conference Downloader for Mac:

> Mac OS Portable App

If you’ve previously downloaded and used the Downloader for Mac OS you might have to delete some local files for the new version to function. In case you get an error telling you that the Encrypted Local Storage can’t be opened, then delete the following files and restart the Downloader:

/Users/[your-username]/Library/Application Support/com.preseria.preseriaAir

/Users/[your-username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/com.preseria.preseriaAir